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The Modern Age has passed and the Next Riders Age has begun. Sides are being taken, and the forgotten war has been reborn. What side will you fight for? (Leader positions up for grabs!)
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 Skylar and Cyan

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PostSubject: Skylar and Cyan   Mon Jul 11, 2011 3:11 pm


Gender: Female
Age: 16
Date of Birth: April 21


Hair color and style: Pure black
Eyes: Midnight blue
Height: 5’7”
Build: Thin but toned
Scars/Piercings/Tattoos: Both ears and cartilage pierced.
On her right shoulder that only appears when she is in contact with Cyan
Other Features: Extremely pale skin

Clothing Style/Usual Wear: Lightweight things that allow maximum hold of weapons


Personality: Skylar is a strong, independent young woman who won’t take anything from anyone and isn’t afraid to speak her mind. She is loyal to those that earn her respect, but makes you regret it if you cross her. As long as you respect her, she’ll respect you. She is highly intelligent and sneaky, being as silent as a ghost and able to plot her wait through any situation. She has been known to push herself until the breaking point and then some, and still be up before dawn working again. Honored that she was chosen to lead the Mist Squad she does whatever it takes to make sure the rest succeed and are safe
Hobbies/Interests: Her only hobby other than riding and talking with Cyan is training.
Fears/Phobias: Failing
Special Talents: Leading, Fighting
Morality: She does what is right


Species: Spirit Dragon
Gender: Male
Coloring: Blue swirling
Build: Not very muscular, but big
Personality: Cyan is highly intelligent and knows much about the different ‘realms’. He isn’t much for fighting himself, but understands why it is needed. Often he is the one Skylar gains her knowledge from. He is an excellent story teller. Although Cyan is kind to close to everyone, he is loyal only to Skylar, and will do anything she asks unless it will put her life in jeopardy.


Dragon Powers: Cyan can change from solid matter to a blue mist-like being. This allows him to move quickly through the air at the speed of sound. Cyan has mastered the ability to shrink his mist form to fit inside a small glass orb guarded by a titanium dragon and hung around Skylar’s neck.

Human Powers

-can move objects up to 50 pounds 35 feet without much strain
-80 pounds across 75 feet can cause short unconsciousness
-can form weapons of pure psi energy, the largest being a full sword that will leave you unconscious for a couple of days and the smallest a throwing star that will leave you nauseous; this does not affect the creator in any way

-can communicate with others through the mind as if using a walkie-talkie within a 30 foot radius
-can access the subconscious of the human mind to collect knowledge or wisdom as long as it has been recently thought of; must have contact of skin

Fighting Styles

Explanation: Skylar is very versatile in how she attacks. She can carefully plan out a mission or improvise while in battle. It also doesn’t help when Cyan suddenly appears from being in her necklace.
Pros: Can handle just about any situation
Cons: Tends to worry about the rest of her Squad too much, which can prove distracting and almost fatal in battle

Group and Element: Squad – Mist
Rank: Master Rider


Skylar was always the odd one in her family. While others gave up on old stories and legend she thrived in them. She was always up in her room pouring over books or taking walks in the forest on the edge of town. Her grades were the top in the school, and although she refused to play in any organized sports, she was fit, so her parents didn’t bug her too much. The day she found Cyan she was walking in the woods, adventuring a trail she had never been down before. Along the edge of the path she found a blue stone that glowed brighter as she walk closer. When she picked it up she saw a Dragon Key etched into it. Suddenly her right arm felt as if it was on fire and the egg hatched. Since that day Skylar can’t remember a thing of her past. The only thing that stuck with her is the image of Cyan hatching from his egg. Later, when she was found and brought to the Rider’s Academy, she found out that no one else had this happened to them. Since then, she has zoomed through the Academy with three others and has proven to be an amazing Rider. Skylar was chosen as the Master Rider of the Mist Squad, and does not regret losing her memory.

Sample RP

Skylar held her breath and gazed through the thick mist, seeing nothing but the grayish haze. Her legs were screaming from the lengthy crouch. Narrowing her eyes she continued deeper. Every once in a while she could hear a rustling, but she kept on. We’re getting closer, I can feel it, she thought.
Good, cause you’re not the only cramped,[i] came the response.
[i]I told you that you didn’t have to stay in there. Turning mist would have been just fine,
she replied with a chuckle.
I would have lost myself in this. It is much easier to stay hidden and have a surprise up the sleeve than to announce our presence to the Sun Pack.
Rolling her eyes, she looked down at the glass orb filled with glowing blue swirling around. You and your thoughts of wisdom.
Only to keep you safe.
Sighing, Skylar stopped and looked around her. It was less misty where she stood, and a plate of smooth stone sat beneath her feet. She glanced up to see the evening sun beginning to fade. A smile appeared on her face, and she grasped onto the globe, feeling the pulse of Cyan against the glass. ”I think we’re home.”
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Skylar and Cyan
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