Second Generation Riders

The Modern Age has passed and the Next Riders Age has begun. Sides are being taken, and the forgotten war has been reborn. What side will you fight for? (Leader positions up for grabs!)
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 Nicolay and Tsuki

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PostSubject: Nicolay and Tsuki   Sun Sep 25, 2011 7:04 am



Date of Birth:15 december


Hair color and style:brown medium length covering 1 eye
Build:a regular amount of muscles mostly in arms and legs
Scars/Piercings/Tattoos:a scar going from right eye to his neck
Other Features: wears glasses

Clothing Style/Usual Wear:easy to move in cloths used for martial arts with some chainmail to protect against swords and some other attacks


Personality:easy going but not much of a person to say something also thinks a lot about what is happening around him

Hobbies/Interests: practices martial arts climbs mountains and plays an ocarina when alone our when he is bored
Fears/Phobias: is afraid of locked rooms
Special Talents: high protection against fire but is weak against ice and elements that are close to ice learned to understand animals

Species: red dragon
Gender: female
Coloring: of a burning flame
Build: has a lot of muscles which make her strong but get in the way of gaining speed while
Personality: smart but also clumsy tends to do things alone most of the times also listens to Nicolay but when things are to dangerous takes Nicolay away to bring him in safety
Dragon powers: ability to swim through fire yet cant stand water also has the ability to sense the heat a body gives off to find someone can create fire from anywhere on the body but takes a lot of energy to use
Human powers: ability to with stand heat but cant stand the cold can combine fire in the weapon he uses including his fists without hurting himself but it takes a lot of energy to use when used for long period unconscious for a day for a short period only a bit dizzy can see the heat a person gives off through a wall and can use a small fireball to throw but makes the person dizzy.

Fighting Styles

Explanation: fast and agile uses his strength and speed to take down his enemys as soon as possible while dodging attacks to the best of his ability’s
Pros:is calm and keeps his head in the situation
Cons: tends to get over confident

Group: fire squad
Rank: amateur


Has grown up in isolation in a farm with no people around with in 5 kilometers.
Has grown up talking with animals and taking care of them has an average skill to take care of most wounds him self thanks to that when he was 5 he found the egg of tsuki and took care of it
Ad the age of 6 tsuki came out of the egg surprising me when Nicolay became 13 parents died
On the age of 15 he went to the academy it is his second year now.

Sample RP
Nicolay woke up it was pretty late he looked around and saw the sun coming up
“yawn” that was some good sleep as Nicolay stretches tsuki asks Nicolay “ whats our plan for today kid” “let me think about that” Nicolay says “how about we go back to the academy before they get to worried about us being gone” Nicolay starts laughing a bit and gets on the back of tsuki to ride back to the academy grounds.
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Nicolay and Tsuki
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