Second Generation Riders

The Modern Age has passed and the Next Riders Age has begun. Sides are being taken, and the forgotten war has been reborn. What side will you fight for? (Leader positions up for grabs!)
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 The Rebirth

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PostSubject: The Rebirth   Tue Aug 30, 2011 11:34 pm

2134 A.D...
Scientists tried to make there own life after winning over the ability to use stem cells for research. Plain and simply it went wrong and the shadelings were made. What exactly is a shadeling? its a ball about the size of both your fists held together. It has 4 small stubby legs and a head with cat ears. After trying several times to create this creature they ended up with one that lived... but unbenounced to them they made a parasitic creature. It has no mass and no structure. Depending on the first thing it touches or feels a shadeling takes on several varieties.
The shades were a huge hit and were quickly bought up. depending on its type the shadeling would be of that color. The shadeling type that was the weakness of it was the colors its eyes were. (a fire shade would then have blue eyes) But without any mass the shadelings quickly adapted and changed to best suit there enviroment. The shadelings would connect to there owner and for the first time that partner would feel the power. The shades elemental quality would race through there veins and control over there element would be established, the shadeling would liturally cover and immerge itself in there body, the persons eyes would change during it, and a scar repersenting there element would be burned into there hand as they became a shade. The first connection would last but 5 minutes the the shadeling would fall out of the body. not much time to let an unexperienced person to do much damage. But as people continued to allow this ritual to happen, the shadelings got a better and better grip on them. Unable to kill, hide from or stop the pests they could help but give in each time the creature asked them. Because of that first connection they were bonded for life. With each time they allowed the shadeling in to give them powers it was harder and harder to stop themselves and pull away from the bliss. Eventually people couldnt stop and the shade took over... society crumbled... the human race was dashed apart leaving almost nothing except a few villages that were able to pull together and protect themselves from the attacks of the shadelings now controlling the bodies of there former hosts.
Forests and plains are the idea places to find shades, these humans have almost no sentience once combined completely to a human. all they know is that they hate you and since they have bodies reproduction is now an option for them too.

A large city stands alone, large walls surrounding it. The people inside dont even know theres anything else outside there walls. There minds shielded from the apocalypse outside. One man is behind it all. The ruler of the city, the "Mayor" they call him. His military: The Dark hoods, wear cloaks repelling Shade energy. Slowly they appear in the land Exterminating Shades and humans alike.

Its been almost 15 years since the day those first shades were made.... and yet random encounters with shadelings connections keep happening.... could these new Shades stop this before its too late?

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The Rebirth
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