Second Generation Riders

The Modern Age has passed and the Next Riders Age has begun. Sides are being taken, and the forgotten war has been reborn. What side will you fight for? (Leader positions up for grabs!)
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 History and Powers

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The Dark Age was not called so just because of lack of intellectual growth and religious questioning; it is called so because it is the age Dragons were erased from history. ~ Once, Dragons were loved, feared, and wild. No one could tame them, and no one tried. However, curiosity can never let things be undiscovered, and soon Riders were born. Their numbers were limited; those with pure intentions being the only ones to connect with the fierce spirits. But where there is purely good there is also purely evil. A war was started between the Warriors and Devastators, and the countries paid for it. Villagers began hunting Dragons in hopes of ending Riders. As the fierce breed neared extinction, one king, a secret Rider, suggested an alternative. He allowed the few Dragons to go into hiding and burned any and all scrolls pertaining to their history.

The year is 2113. The day philosophers claimed was the new ‘end of humanity’, a Dragon egg has was discovered and a Rider made. The Age of Riders has been reborn, and the history of past is getting ready to make itself know. The girl, sixteen year-old Skylar, was taken to the Rider Academy, where she and three others exceeded above the rest in their training. Because of their success they were chosen to lead the new Squads against the Shadows and their master. Now, as they build their Squads, they must past down the knowledge given to them and try to keep the darkness from spreading across the land.

Source of Powers:

Although they are born with the ability to connect with a Dragon, a Rider’s powers are not their own. Dragons are the direct source of power energy that flows from the Rider and into the physical world. Thus, these abilities are based upon the element that rules over the species. Take a Green Dragon for example. They are in tune with earth, and therefore can grant their Rider Geokinesis, maximized earth vibrations, botanical communication, or botanical manipulation. The same goes for Red, White, Blue, Black, and every other species of Dragon.

Group Powers:

Each group its own powers and fighting technique. The Squads and Shadows are split into similur sub groups by their Dragon’s element.

Light Squad
Light Dragons are either White or Yellow. Along with light powers, they also have the ability to perform alchemy.

Earth Squad
Earth Dragons are either Green or Brown. Their powers are earth related.

Fire Squad
Fire Dragons are either Red or Orange. Their powers are fire related.

Mist Squad
Water Dragons are either Blue or Purple. Their powers are water or mental related.

Theses Dragons are either pure Black or Black with accents, and powers are darkness. However, they are still part of the elements, and therefore have simpler fire, earth, or water powers.

Moon Pack
Although not werewolves, they are strongest in moonlight and at their peak when there is a full moon. They can shift into complete or partial wolve forms, have increase scent and hearing, night vision, and advanced healing.

Sun Clan
These cats are the strongest when they have had a full day charging in the sun. They can shift into complete or partial wild cat forms, have increase agility and reflexes, advanced hearing, heat vision, and advanced healing.

They are equiped with super human strength and speed, slight mind control over weak mindsactivated through eye contact, and environmental decay of their environtment through touch.

Although they may be able to pass through the Barrier and travel into the Hidden Village they do not have any special power. They are the neutral members of the Dragon World, but the Squads and Pack are typically the only ones they tolerate.
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History and Powers
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