Second Generation Riders

The Modern Age has passed and the Next Riders Age has begun. Sides are being taken, and the forgotten war has been reborn. What side will you fight for? (Leader positions up for grabs!)
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 IDEA: Operation Hide and Seek

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PostSubject: IDEA: Operation Hide and Seek   Mon Jul 25, 2011 7:18 pm

Mist squad's stealth force is sent on a special mission to:
1) Find an enemy base with the aid of the Earth squad, make it in undetected
2) Collect any intelligence for report
3) Call in the Earth Squad to launch a joint sneak attack on the base

The stealth crew make their way behind enemy lines. Obviously, there will be close calls along the way. Upon reaching a command area, they have to hack into the enemy network. They trip a silent alert program when they break through the final firewall. They manage to collect plans on two upcoming operations. They have to force their way out, call in the attack and hold out until allied forces arrive. They lay traps and once they rejoin their ranks, they attack commences and the shadows, fighting a battle on two fronts are forced to retreat. They destroy this particular base, to keep the enemy from claiming it.
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IDEA: Operation Hide and Seek
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