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The Modern Age has passed and the Next Riders Age has begun. Sides are being taken, and the forgotten war has been reborn. What side will you fight for? (Leader positions up for grabs!)
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 Raven Knightgrave and Stratos the Black Flame

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PostSubject: Raven Knightgrave and Stratos the Black Flame   Fri Jul 15, 2011 12:25 am


Gender: Male
Age: 26
Date of Birth: 1/17/2087


Hair color and style: Dark Brown
Eyes: Black
Height: 6'3
Build: Muscular
Scars/Piercings/Tattoos: Tribal Dragon tattoo on Right arm

Other Features:

Clothing Style/Usual Wear: partially dressed in armor, he wears a red cape and a dragon-shaped helmet hides his face


Personality: Raven likes to take things very seriously. He is a very direct person, who would dive headfirst into the middle of any situation including battle. Where others would plot and strategize, he's more prone to rushing straight in without a second thought. The knowledge he has gained on the field of battle as matured and become instinct. He wagers his pride for glory in the midst of battle. He tramples over the skulls of the defeated on the way to his next conquest. His face is kept from the world by a warlord's helm, only to be seen by his brother.
Hobbies/Interests: Hunting, Training, Fighting
Fears/Phobias: Overlord, Losing his brother
Special Talents: Battle, Punching Dragons, Leadership
Morality: Lawful Evil w/Chaotic tendencies


Species: Black Spectrum
Gender: Male
Coloring: Black with Red markings
Build: Muscular and massive
Personality: Stratos and Raven are fairly like-minded characters. He has a thirst for battle and can smell blood from a mile away. He and his partner are both hot-blooded, which causes them to butt heads a lot. However, he is fiercely loyal to his rider, willing to follow him into the pits of hell. While he does not like other dragons, he does tolerate Jet's dragon Pitch-Black, out of respect for his brother


Dragon Powers: Stratos is unique in his ability to breath black fire. He has two fighting stances: bipedal and quadruped stance which trade off between power and mobility. In bipedal stance, he has mobility to his advantage and can generate smog and breath its black fire. His quadroped stance is all about power and range. He's able to shoot fireballs in this stance as well as charge up a high-powered dark cannon shot (dubbed Black Flare Burst).

Human Powers: Shadow Stalker: Raven is able to wear the black fire of his dragon as a dark powered armor. The armor is limited by a time frame of ten minutes and requires him to synchronize with his dragon to do so.
Scarecrow: Raven can summon a flock of shadow bird constructs and remote control them as projectile weapons for attacks from all sorts angles. He can only control a certain number at a time before strain begins to set in. He can use them to pepper enemies with their low fire power or crash into an enemy directly, dealing much greater damage. Finally, he can form a circle with them to fire through a powerful beam attack at the cost of a lot of energy. Birds cannot be replaced until they have all been removed from the field

Fighting Styles

Explanation: Raven is a fierce warrior whose presence is commanding and intimidating on the battlefield. He knows how to put together a good plan, but is more prone to letting his instincts lead him into battle. His style is to rush in and overwhelm his enemies with raw power, prefering to fight face to face, rather than rely on tricks. He enjoys the thrill of the hunt and if he finds one enemy he feels will present him even a minimal challenge, he will stalk them across the battlefield. He and his dragon work together to intimidate enemies and cover long range attacks.
Pros: When synchronized with his dragon, he can dawn the flames of his partner as armor for an offensive and defensive boost. Once an enemy is in his sights, he will not stop until he has killed the opponent, slaughtering anyone else who gets in his way
Cons: Clever traps may be effective against him; holding off one dragon is the best he can manage by himself; mental attacks are effective against him

Group and Element: Shadows and Fire
Rank: Master Rider (Harbinger of the Midnight Hour [Destruction])


At the age of six, a boy and his twin brother lost their parents in a home invasion. Shortly after, they were taken in an uncle on their father's side. He was a kind man, but a terrible gambler. Within the span of a year, he managed to build an insurmountable debt, which he and the children were forced to work to pay for. The thugs wasn't getting their money quick enough, so they killed him, which spurred the kids to run. They ran into the forest as fast as they could and because of their panic, they were soon separated and lost. While searching for his brother, the boy came across a cave in the mountains where he took refuge, upon exploring the cave he found a dragon egg. When he finally came across his brother, nearly a day later, he found his brother also with an egg. They feared returning to town, so the two boys remained in the forest with their dragons. Living in the wild for two years, they and their two dragons grew to be very strong and capable. As they grew, the dragon's became noticeable and soon a rumor spread about two young boys who were dragon tamers. This eventually came across the Overlord's attention and thus he sent for them and after seeing their potential, took them in. He relinquished his name as he and his brother took on a new life in service to the Emperor. His name became Raven Knightgrave and from there he began honing his skills as a dragon rider under the tutilege of the Overlord's men. Raven grew to be a powerful man, always seeking to test his might. He was an excellent office, whose skills were unmatched on the battlefield. He would hunt his foes across the battlefield until he crushed him with his intimidating power. After battles, he would gather the spoils of his victory, usually a piece of the loser's armor or even a piece of their slain dragon. He and his brother rose through the ranks and his power was recognized with the name Destruction. Eventually the were at the top, both joining the highest military rank: Harbingers of the Midnight Hour.
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Raven Knightgrave and Stratos the Black Flame
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