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 Dragon Breeds

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PostSubject: Dragon Breeds   Tue Jul 12, 2011 2:25 pm

Here are the list of Dragon breeds that are used in this RP. They are listed from the most common to the least common.


Green Dragon

These are the most common dragons and the easiest to get along with. The typical green philosophy is 'anything for a quiet life'. They will generally agree with everything said, although it is doubtful whether or not they actually do agree, or whether they're even listening. Like the reds, there are as many males as females.

Red Dragon

Despite being the second most common dragon, reds are fond of pretending that they're the wisest dragons that were ever hatched and are never happier than when interfering in everyone's lives, saying "No, you shouldn't do it that way-here, let me do it!" Despite this, however, they are very faithful (if a little pushy at times) and are either male or female.

Black Dragon

The sleek black loves nothing better than to reak havoc and to destroy. It is truly the evil breed of dragons. It is proud and showy, but prefers creeping in the dark shadows than in broad daylight.

Purple Dragon

The purple dragon is fond of flying, and daring acrobatics. It likes water, unlike most other dragons, and will often be found in oceans or rivers. They can be either male or female.

Brown Dragon

These are fairly common and generally aren't fussy about who they bond with-but they like someone with a good sense of humor who nonetheless knows how to be serious. They are usually male.

Blue Dragon

Blue dragons are very outgoing and friendly, and love to share their living space. They get on well with everyone and everything and are, in short, a wonderful companion and partner. They are usually male.

Friendly, outgoing, and mischievious. They are the jokesters of the dragons and love to watch others skim at their pranks. Bonding with people with the same personality, they can be a deadly duo. They can be male or female.


The white dragons are more seclusive than the rest. They prefer to spend their time learning knew things, so they tend to be highly intelligent. They tend to be a bit high maintance because they prefer their scales to be so clean they sparkle. Most are female with the occasional male.


Copper Dragon

Copper dragons are unique among other dragons in that the colour of their spines doesn't match their body colour. Instead, they are a shade of blue; usually royal but occasionally a lighter shade like cyan. Their flame is also blue; unheard of in other dragons. They are easy going but can be territorial so anything dragon like living in the same space with them is not a good idea. Like their higher ranking counterparts, Coppers much prefer their own cave and are usually male, with females on extremely rare occasions.

Bronze Dragon

Bronze dragons are seldom seen alone and about the only chance anyone has of bonding with them is from an egg. They are quite shy and have deep bronze scales. They can be either male or female.

Silver Dragon

Silvers are supposed to be one of the most beautiful dragons. They are easy-going, but a little too knowledgeable about their own appearance-ie, they can get a little arrogant and conceited at times. They are only female.

Gold Dragon

These are also extremely rare. They have brilliant golden colored scales and their spines and horns are only slightly paler. There is a lot of misconception about gold dragons; people seem to think that all golds are queens. Golds, like all the others, can be male or female here although female is more common.

Black Spectrum Dragon

The second rarest dragon, they have all black scales with tricolour spines and wing markings. Black Spectrums are fiercely loyal-but often don't get along well with other dragons, although pets and anything that isn't a dragon is fine. They are usually male.

Spirit Dragon

The rarest and most elusive of dragons, Spirit dragons are an ethereal mixture of swirling mauves and blues. Their flame is the same colour and nobody knows what the effects are of standing in its path. However, nobody is willing to try any experiments either. Spirits are very peaceful dragons and will always try to find another approach to solving a problem other than fighting. They are the largest of the dragons and are usually female, although males have been known.
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Dragon Breeds
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