Second Generation Riders

The Modern Age has passed and the Next Riders Age has begun. Sides are being taken, and the forgotten war has been reborn. What side will you fight for? (Leader positions up for grabs!)
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 Rules of the Forum

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PostSubject: Rules of the Forum   Sat Jul 09, 2011 1:19 pm



1. Be polite and respectful in posts, PMs, and the Chatbox at all times. Out of character that is, the characters themselves probably won’t always be polite and respectful, but you as their players should be.
2. Do not ask to be admin or mod. They are chosen by certain standards.
3. This is not a dating site, it is an RPG forum, so please treat it as one.
4. Before posting, we ask that you take the time to observe some of the writing styles of our members. We understand that not everyone is as advanced in their writing, but we ask to give your best.


1. No godmodding. This means you cannot control another character's actions. You cannot have your character use knowledge that they as a character had no way of knowing, even if you as a writer know something. During a battle you must let your opponent decide if your attack hits them or misses. You must allow other players a chance to respond to your actions; don't write so many actions happening in one post that other characters seem like they are standing still while everything happens. This includes the killing and/or maiming of NPCs, and destruction of property.
2. This site uses standard writing conventions including the following: 3rd person, past tense, and normal grammar, spelling, and punctuation rules.
3. Posts should be no shorter that one (1) paragraph long meaning roughly five (5) sentences. Detailed posts allow others to respond correctly, and are more fun to read. I understand that not everyone likes to write a whole lot, and sometimes there's not much to say, but all posts only being a couple sentences shows lack of writing ability and should be improved.
4. When posting in a group topic, allow everyone to post before posting again. Mini conversations of three (3) posts a piece once every couple of pages is fine, but going ahead of everyone is not fun for the others and the group and are not accepted. You will be asked to delete some of the posts if this happens.
5. Your character may be in up to 4 active threads at a time. You are in charge of keeping your own time line straight.
6. Romances are allowed, although scenes are not allowed to get too graphic. We are not a porn site. You are not allowed to RP as your love interest or mate (Dragons). If your Dragons have eggs, you must find someone else to RP as them or put them as NPC’s.
7. This is a T for Teen site. That means keep the violence non-graphic, self-censor your character's language, fade to black in the bedroom, and avoid the use illegal mind-altering substances.
8. Be aware of the current plot as you RP.
9. The basic groups have been covered, however, if you would like another to be formed, PM the Admin.


1. It is preferred that your Username have something to do with your Character, whether it’s their first name, full name, or nickname.
2.Once you are finished filling out you Character Profile PM it to Ghost or Idleweiss to be considered. If approved, you may post it in the Profile forum. If not, we will work with you to fix the needed sections to get you RP approved. *WARNING* Just because one of the Character Handlers may say that it's Ok doesn't mean I might not have questions, so please do not get upset if I ask about some things.
3. When giving your Dragon and Rider powers, make sure that they have appropriate weaknesses. We aren’t a bunch of gods that can’t be killed here.
4. Characters may be no younger than fourteen (14).
5. All changes or progression in a character’s abilities must be sent to the Admin before hand to be approved.
6. A max of two (2) PC characters are allowed per person. You will start out with one, and once you have proven to be an active part of the forum* and have at least seventy-five (75) posts you may create your second character. As you will be RPing as your Dragon as well as Rider, one (1) PC stands for both.
7. All of the Character Rules apply to the creating of NPC’s. Although you may create them, please limit to one (1) a month.

*Being active means to be posting regularly and be logged in at least three (3) times a week.

The consequences for not be active are as follows:

Not logged in for three (3) days - a PM will be sent
Not logged in for a week - an e-mail will be sent
Not logged in for ten (10) days - your Character Profile will be turned to red, meaning that you are currently inactive. If your Character is in a major thread a trusted member will be allowed to control your character
Not logged in for one (1) month - your Account and Character will be deleted.

Note: If you know you are going to be gone for a while, post so in the Away forum. This allows us to code you yellow and will stop you from being deleted. If you are needed or are in a major thread/plot your character will be given to a trusted member to be RPed.


1. The first part of your signature must be the link of your character(s). From there you may have whatever you would like as long it is not overly large and is not offensive to any of the other members.[/left]

***Rules are subjected to change. We will let you know if they do***

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Rules of the Forum
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